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Atmospheric Pressure Headaches

The other day I felt a headache come on, due to a change in the weather. I am not new to these types of headaches, that sit at the back of the head and radiate into the neck, but I started to really think about the way it made me feel and related it to […]

Hypertension Month

May is hypertension awareness month, which simply means high blood pressure. High blood pressure can be caused by many things and should be managed by your doctor. However, there are many things you can do to help reduce your blood pressure like; reducing the salt in your diet, getting exercise and the right amount of […]

Epsom Salt Benefits

Epsom salts are a mineral comprised of magnesium and sulfate. This is something many of us are deficient in due to our processed food diets. Since magnesium plays many roles within the body and can be absorbed through the skin, it is so effective in easing sore or cramping muscles, bruises, inflammation, and infections, just […]

Search Engine Optimization

If anyone is looking for someone to optimize their website, I would strongly recommend Julie Bateman of Bateman Design Group at www.batemandesigngroup.com She responds quickly to requests and worked expertly with me to help me understand what Search Engine Optimization was necessary for my website! Thank-you Julie!