The best part of waking up is knowing that every morning, rain or shine, blizzard or freezing temperatures, I put on the appropriate gear and head out for a long walk with my dog. The best walks are when I can go into the forest. Not only does it make me happy to be outdoors in the fresh air getting exercise, but I truly enjoy the time to clear my mind and just be with my goofy dog!

Sometimes I find that after a long walk, some muscle is nagging at me. Today and for the last week it has been my hamstrings. Likely I forgot to stretch after my walk and things tightened up, so I turn to my yoga tune up balls and do a little trigger point therapy.  This requires 5-10 min and is very effective in relieving those irritating knots.  After using the tune-up balls, I stretch out the hamstrings and things feel much better. That nagging tension usually disappears or diminishes!