Atmospheric Pressure Headaches

The other day I felt a headache come on, due to a change in the weather.

I am not new to these types of headaches, that sit at the back of the head and radiate into the neck, but I started to really think about the way it made me feel and related it to a similar headache; one you get from weaning off of coffee.

So, I began to think well, maybe if I had a coffee (which I don’t drink on a regular basis) this would get rid of the headache, and it did! Then I started to think, as medically minded people do well, then I know that caffeine is a vasoconstrictor, so maybe the low weather pressure system causes too much vasodilation.

I looked into it and found that I was correct in my assumption! A low-pressure system can induce what is referred to as a Spontaneous Induced Hypotension (SIH) headache.

When I was furthering my investigation I actually came across an article that said that coffee / caffeine may help some people with these types of atmospheric low-pressure headaches!

So, the next time this happens, I will be reaching for a cup of java instead of ibuprofen as it never seems to really help!